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Shit 1940s Girls Say

April 18, 2012

Presented without comment.

The Aviator

January 27, 2012

I recently got this tattoo as a “yay you made it through the wedding merry christmas” gift to myself. I’ve been wanting an aviation theme design for awhile but hadn’t found the right artist for it until I came across Cris Cleen. He works over at Saved Tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a shop pretty well known for the famous faces that have graced it including Marc Jacobs and Heath Ledger. Mr. Cleen had just finished some pieces on one of my favorite funny people, Margaret Cho. Her photos of it on Twitter created some controversy and she wrote a really incredible fantastic blog post about it which I encourage you to read here.
I am so incredibly happy with this tattoo and am totally in love with it. Cris’s designs are clearly his own and they are all beautiful and each tattoo is so well done. For me, it’s a bit nerve wracking to sit down with a new artist (it’s like a first date but with physical pain and blood). However, Cris was super nice and I new that he was going to do an incredible job.
Now I just need to name this pretty lady!

Honeymoon Fashion

December 21, 2011

The one thing I wanted for this honeymoon was a big floppy hat but I sadly left the states without one and headed for our 2 week vacation at an all inclusive called The Excellence in Mexico. You have no idea how stoked I was when I found that sucker at the hotel gift shop! My pale Irish skin had nothing to fear and I managed not to get sunburned the entire trip.
Anyway, my vacation wardrobe pretty much only consisted of JCrew and Esther Williams bathing suits with some snazzy Trashy Diva dresses. Considering we spent most of the time by the pool or eating or drinking (mostly eating and drinking by the pool) I didn’t have to think too much about what I was wearing.
I found this yellow Trashy Diva dress ON SALE while in New Orleans for my bachlorette party. The airline lost my bag and I had nothing to wear for a fancy dinner. If you’re ever in New Orleans you best stop by TD and make a reservation at August. The ladies working at TD are all so friendly and helpful. Almost everyone I was with bought a dress.



December 15, 2011

There are a few wonder people and places I bought odds and ends from through the process of planning and I just feel the need to pass on the love. And I’m specifically talking about the Etsy sellers I’ve come across. Do you know how NICE these people are?! Many packages came with a coupon for my next purchase and HAND WRITTEN notes thanking/congratulating me. It restored my faith in humanity. Click away!

TwoForJoyPaper – Beautiful save the dates and invitations
Pocketsaurus – Feathers for all your crafty needs!
Kimonos – Feathers / Feather Pads
DesignsByTami – I bought my bridesmaids’ chains here!
AssPocketProductions – Custom made rubber stamps. We had one made to stamp the back of our invitations. Very cost effective!
Paulownias – Custom made clutches. Gifts for each of my bridesmaids.
SpectacularStuff – Die cuts galore!
LittleRetreats – Photobooth props
WhoDoesntWantThat – Custom tote bags
FlapperGirl – Really cute garland. She custom made our “CARDS” sign.


A Wedding ~ Act Three

December 13, 2011

Alright there were just too many great pics from the reception to even remotely try to narrow it down for this post so you’re getting the WordPress picture gallery. When I first walked in to the room I was overwhelmed. It was a blood, sweat and tears operation and I had to keep telling myself that everything would not be perfect (cause what is) but ya know what, it was all so freaking perfect. I felt like I was on a TLC reality show. Tears and everything.
Our reception was held at Twenty-Four Fifth in Manhattan just two blocks away from Washington Square Park where we took pics after the ceremony. Because the space was the former ballroom of the Fifth Avenue Hotel it was the perfect setting to hold an art deco/old hollywood feel party. I wanted everyone to feel as though they were in an old 1930s supper club and since the space actually WAS a supper club, it wasn’t too hard to achieve. I brought in coupe champagne glasses, some beaded lamps, a truck load of palms and a handful of peacock feathers. If I really wanted to seal the deal I would have hired a big band but then we wouldn’t have had the magical moment of stomping around to Dropkick Murpheys and Bouncing Souls (it was just like the scene in Titanic when Rose does the unthinkable and dances with the poor folks below deck except everyone got out alive. Too soon?).
And I TOTALLY kinda let Pat help with the planning. See that temporary tattoo down below? He designed them and was responsible for getting them made.

Wedding Party Entrance: Elvis “Burning Love”
Bride/Groom Entrance: Jurassic Park Theme Song (really)
First Dance: Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Hysteric” (acoustic)
Parent Dance: Elvis “The Wonder of You”
Last Song: Elvis “If I Can Dream” (bonus points if you can guess why I chose this and you’re not someone I told already)

Photography & Photobooth: Love Me Do Photography
DJs: Hi-Society Productions (they do videography, too!)
Reception Venue: Twenty-Four Fifth
Flowers: Pristine Events. Pins in bouquet were owned by my great aunt, grandmother and grandfather.
Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
Escort Cards: SpectacularStuff via Etsy, Type by Jane Orgel
Menus: Gift
Vintage Cake Topper: Gift from a very lovely couple
Temporary Tattoos: ButtonHead via Etsy

A Wedding ~ Act Two

December 8, 2011

Pat had no idea what my dress looked like and thought maybe I had gone for something super simple but he was wrong and pleasantly surprised. Even though a slinky 1930s cowl neck dress was what I initially wanted, there was no denying that it was not at all right for my body type. As far as I’m concerned bias-cut dresses should just be burned. Who the hell’s idea was that anyway? (Madeleine Vionnet that’s who!) As for Pat, his swanky shawl collar tux is from JCrew. My bridesmaids all wore a shade of gray with shoes in the peacock color range.
Anyway, we decided to do the “first look” photos for a number of reasons ranging from nerves to logistics. It’s not for everyone but we’re really happy we did it! We took some photos around the Bowery Hotel and then separately headed to the Church of St. Joseph in Greenwich Village. We didn’t know this when we picked the church but it’s actually the oldest Catholic Church edifice in New York City. Horray for history.

Photos by Love Me Do Photography

A Wedding ~ Act One

December 7, 2011

When deciding on a hotel to stay at for the wedding The Bowery Hotel immediately came to mind. I love it for it’s old world decor but now I love it even more for how awesome their customer service is. Thanks to smooth talker The Chien I was eventually (seriously) upgraded to a huge high room with a balcony that connected to a shared patio space. Everyone from their bellhops to front desk to management (THANKS GIGI) were amazing. It only helped the day to run as smoothly as possible as they tended to our every need.
I thought I would have been more nervous but I was pretty calm for most of the day. My favorite part (besides like, the wedding) was waking up alone in this incredible room that overlooked the Bowery. I ordered room service (my favorite!) and took a bubble bath with their C.O. Bigelow products. The weather was amazing and everything went according to plan without any hiccups. What more can a bride ask for?

Coming Up: The Groom’s Reaction

Photography: Love Me Do

Make-Up: Jackie Schneider Beauty
Hair: Gifts of Alissandra Hipona of High Horse Salon and Abigail Schlenger of Marie Robinson Salon

Dress: Lazaro via Kleinfeld
Shoes: My design built at Milk & Honey. Bedazzled details a gift of Kerin Rose of A-Morir
Birdcage: AgnesHart via Etsy
Earrings: RK Bridal
Vintage 1930s Clutch: CornerHouseInn via Etsy

Wedding Invitations: HelloLove via Etsy
Invitation Monogram Sticker: MoxyPaperie via Etsy
Address Sticker: IvyPINK via Etsy
Typography: Jane Orgel


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